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My name is Evelyn, and I am a qualified artist, art therapist, educator and cultural producer who is passionate about using art as an accessible way to connect, support and empower people and communities.



Creating with Communities.

Since 2016, I have formed partnerships with third-sector organisations working in community and clinical settings to create innovative and inclusive arts/crafts projects, events and activities which:


  • Enhance well-being and improve quality of life.

  • Value the inherent healing benefits of the arts, and recognise the importance of creative activity for physical, social, emotional and spiritual health.

  • Focus on addressing specific wellness goals that are oriented toward biological, developmental, psychological, social, spiritual, and physical wellness.

  • Work towards social engagement and inclusion.

  • Develop public awareness on the benefits of Arts in Health.

  • Strengthen structures and mechanisms for collaboration between the health and arts sectors.


I strongly believe in the positive social impact of participation in the arts. It strengthens individuals and communities and is a source of hope and transformation.


Let’s work together and make a change.


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About Me.

With over 15 years’ experience running groups in settings such as end-of-life care, adult mental health, learning disabilities, homelessness, bereavement, chronic health conditions and mainstream education, I have had the fortunate opportunity to meet and work with a diverse range of adults and children. This has enabled me to gain invaluable skills and experiences which have led me to specialise in the design, development and facilitation of various socially engaged projects and events across the arts & health sector.


My work stands on the belief that engaging in art can have a transformative impact on people and communities. Making, sharing, and enjoying art is the foundation of every society’s cultural life. Creating spaces where people can discover, process, understand and share experiences through self-expression is connecting, healing and inspiring.


I specialise in working closely with vulnerable and marginalised groups. My approach is one of warmth and empathy, treating people with dignity and respect. I feel this has been key to developing strong rapport and meaningful relationships with the hundreds of people I have worked with.


I have years of experience in developing a breadth of projects in partnership with healthcare providers, non-profit and other third sector organisations – from community arts festivals in mainstream spaces to private and confidential projects across clinical settings. Please check my Art Therapy, Arts in Health and Cultural Events tabs for more details.


For me, raising visibility around the potential for Creative Health interventions is as important as contributing to its growing evidence base. I am currently finishing a MA in Cultural Management with a focus on Direction and Production where I am actively exploring the implementation of Arts in Health projects in the Basque country.


Using the arts within community and clinical settings has been my working life; one I am incredibly passionate and endlessly curious about.  

Partnerships & Collaborators

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A., Client

Working with Evelyn not only gave me a wealth of knowledge about ceramics but she created a safe environment to share emotions and troubles. Working with Evelyn made me genuinely happy and helped me to build up my creative and personal confidence!

J., Collaborator

Evelyn has shown to have creativity, curiosity, reflexivity, but most of all, innovative clinical thinking which is continually reflected in her excellent performance.

R., Client

Evelyn is truly one of a kind, a gem in the arts and health sector. Her ability to instantly put you at ease is testament to her compassionate, supportive and empathetic nature, as is her genuine enthusiasm in helping you explore your emotions and issues through artistic media. 

Contact Me.

If you have questions, or would like to discuss a project, please get in touch. I’m always happy to talk.

Thanks for submitting!

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